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Posted on: July 1, 2022

Valley Ranch Pool Reminders


Pool Access

All Valley Ranch Members must have a working key fob to enter the pool area. The pool monitor has been instructed not to give anyone access if their key fob is not working. 


Spring Hours: 5am - 8:pm

Summer Hours (starting June 3rd): 5am-10pm

Is your key fob not working?

Please contact the Association office at 210-688-0427 if your key fob is not working. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (Closed for lunch 12:30pm - 1:30pm)

**Key fobs will not be activated over the weekend**            ** No wokring key fobs, no access, no exeptions**

Stop Non-Members from using the amenities

On several occasions, we have noticed members giving access to people without key fobs or working key fobs. Please do not give access to anyone who does not have a working key fob. Do not hold the gate open or open the gym door. Please direct them to the Association office for assistance. 

Sign In & Sign Out Procedures with the pool monitor

Sign In: Upon entering the pool area, our members will be required to sign in with the pool monitor. Members will need to fill out: The name, number of members in the family, number of guest, last 5 digits on the key fob, and time in. 

*Only 5 guest are allowed per household*

Sign Out: Members will need to sign out with the pool monitor before exiting the pool area

Some Important Pool Rules: 

Guest: Members are allowed to bring 5 guest to the pool (this includes children, infants, elderly, even if they are not going to swim). All guest must fill out a Covid-19 Waiver List provided by the association. Members are fully responsible for their guests. NO WAIVER, NO ACCESS.

Age Requirement: Members under 12 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. No exceptions.

Sports Equipment,Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, ECT: only foam or inflatable sports balls are allowed in the pool area. The lifeguards and pool monitor have the right to remove these items from the pool area. Under no circumstances shall bicycles, skateboard, roller skates. scooters. or motorized cycles be permitted within the fences pool area.

Horseplaying and Misappropriate Actions: Any individual disciplined repeatedly or serious infractions may lose pool privleges. No screaming, profanity, or other boisterous behavior will be permitted in the pool area. Dunking, wrestling, standing, or sitting on another's shoulders are prohibited. Running, hopping, or skipping within the pool area is prohibited. 

Radios and Speakers: Personal sound-producing equipment that disrupts others is prohibited. Facility users may use headphones only. However water exercise classes may use sound equipment as necessary to conduct their programs

Teens, Pool Violations & Action to to be taken on repeated offenders

Unfortunately, due to the continuous issues with teens, we will now have to take the necessary steps to stop ongoing issues from taking place. The lifegaurds will be giving out two warning notices and at the third notice will be asked to leave the pool area. The lifeguards will be asking for the member's name, key fob number, and phone number so that we may contact their parents to inform them of the issues and corrective actions to be taken.

I respectfully ask that you please speak to your teenagers and ask them to be mindful of the pool rules. It is important that they fully understand their responsibility when they bring guests to the pool. Please explain that any irrespnsible decisions or actions they or their friends make while in the pool area or the amenities may result in your key fob being deactivated. 

**Please be reminded that all members are responsible for any family members and guests in the pool area. Therefore a repeated violation in the pool may result in your key fob being deativated. This goes for everyone, not just teens. **

**Additional pool rules are posted on the community website**

More Pool Rules Here
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