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Fishing Dock

The Valley Ranch fishing dock is catch and release only and accessible to Valley Ranch residents. Please contact the HOA office, or refer to the Weekly Newsletter, for the dock code.

Fishing Dock and Pond Rules

  1. No swimming in the pond is allowed at any time.
  2. No obstruction of any kind will be permitted in this area. 
  3. No running or diving on the boardwalk will be permitted at any time. 
  4. Catch and release fishing only is permitted. Facility Users are responsible for providing their own fishing equipment. 
  5. Unauthorized Facility Users will be asked to immediately vacate the premises and may be reported to the local authorities as trespassers. During non-business hours, concerned residents should report trespassers tto the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. 
  6. Alcoholic beverages are permitted. Ceramic, china, glass or other breakable containers are not permitted at the boardwalk and pond areas at any time. If any persons become too intoxicated they will be asked to leave immediately by the Association staff. If said person does not exit the facilities the Association staff will call the local authorities to have that person removed and revoke entry to the Valley Ranch Community Center until a hearing is helod before the Board. 
  7. Food and beverages are permitted; however, Facility Users must clean up any trash or debris caused by the food or beverages. 
  8. Guests must be accompanied by a Resident.