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Fitness Center

Fitness Center Rules

The Fitness Center is a private facility for Valley Ranch Residents. Personal trainers may be made available to Facility Users at a fee for training purposes and workout coordination. 

  1. All Facility Users should check with their doctor before they engage in a more physically active lifestyle or exercise program. 
  2. All Facility Users using the equipment in the Fitness Center do so at their own risk. Facility Users may be restricted from utilizing the Fitness Center or specific equipment in the Fitness Center based on safety considerations, including recommendations of equipment suppliers or manufacturers. 
  3. Fitness Center access may be revoked due to misuse of equipment or misconduct or violations of these Fitness Center rules. 
  4. Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals, Crocs style, and/or open-toe shoes are not allowed. 
  5. After use, Facility Users must wipe down all equipment with the sanitation wipes provided. Workout towels are not provided. 
  6. All electronic devices must be used with headphones. Facility Users are responsible for providing their own headphones to be used with television-equipped cardio equipment. Facility Users should keep all audio to a personal level that is inaudible to other users. 
  7. Slamming or dropping of weights and equipment is not permitted. 
  8. All weights must be re-racked by user. 
  9. Any moveable equipment must be returned to its regular location upon completion of use. 
  10. All Facility Users shall follow the recommendations of equipment manufacturers, including, if applicable, age, weight, and height restrictions. 
  11. Guests are not permitted to use the fitness center at any time. 
  12. Fitness Center doors are not to be propped or held open under any circumstance. 
  13. Facility Users must swipe their Access Key Fob to enter. Only one entry permitted at a time. 
  14. Pets are not permitted except to the extent a reasonable accommodation has been granted to a disabled individual.