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Tennis Courts

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Tennis Court Rules

The tennis courts are private facilities for all Facility Users. Tennis clubs may develope detailed rules for use that may be approved by the Board. The following guidelines apply: 

  1. All players must wear proper tennis attire and non-marking tennis shoes. Sandals, Crocs style, and open-toe shoes are not allowed. 
  2. Food, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and glass containers are not allowed in the court enclosure. Water or other non-alcoholic drinks in a covered or closed plastic container is permitted. 
  3. Skates, skateboards, rollerblades, bikes and pets are prohibited on the tennis courts at all times. 
  4. If lessons are offered through the Association, registration for the lessons will be open to all Facility Users, and fees may be charged if appropriate. Individuals or groups may arrange personal lessons for a fee with approved instructors who have contracted with the Association. 
  5. The tennis courts are part of the Association Facilities. Only holders of valid Access Key Fobs and their guests may use the tennis court area.  
  6. Pets are not permitted on the tennis courts unless as authorized by Association staff in private or special functions, and only within specially designated areas. This rule does not apply to disabled individuals to whom a reasonable acommodation has been granted.
  7. Unauthorized Facility Useers will be asked to immediately vacate the premises and may be reported to the local authorities as trespassers. During non-business hours, concerned residents should report trespassers tot he Bexar County Sheriff's Department. 
  8. When players are waiting to use the tennis courts without reservations, play is limited to 60 minutes of practice or game time. 
  9. courts may be reserved via the Valley Ranch Community Center front desk. Courts may be scheduled for programs or reserved. During times where no reservations exist, the courts are available on a first come-first serve basis. Any abuse of the reservation system may result in loss of the privilege to make court reservation. Cancellations of reservations must be at least 24 hours in advance of reservation time. Time limits are as follows: 
i. Singles Play- 1.5 hours court time including warm-up
ii. Doubles Play- 2 hours court time including warm-up

**No Guest are allowed at this time.**